Somewhere between climbing trees on her grandmother’s languid orchid plantation,
and the glamourous teen promise of a first strawberry scented lip-gloss, the future took
shape for Celestine Sng, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Yearning to self express in the exploding world of 80’s fashion and creativity, she chanelled
a swiftly evolving aesthetic through self styling, a yen for fabric and sketching, discovering
the potent magic between colour and texture, and the futuristic playfulness in experimentation.

Breezing through makeup school she hit the freelance trail, eking out a reputation as a rising
talent to watch. Inspired by the art and style of the burgeoning M.A.C brand, she joined their
training & development arm, sped through the ranks, and soon after enjoyed the distinction
of being the first Asian Senior Makeup Artist on their world renowned Pro-Team.

Devlish skills and pure delight in transformation has put only the biggest names in the global fashion,
film and music business in Celestine’s hands, taking this worldly nomad from the runways of America,
Europe and Asia to the glittering rock n’ roll of music royalty and into the glossy editorials and the
biggest publications, with countless commercials and theatre gigs to boot.

Expanding her role into regional training, press relations and development across Estee Lauder
group brands like Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Estee Lauder, Aramis Designer Fragrances and Goodskin
Labs has only further cemented Celestine Sng as a contemporary force to be reckoned with
– an inspiringly cool, supremely intuitive master makeup artist with a progressive industry view,
who remains as openly expansive today as the plantations she grew up on, yet utterly attuned
to the nuance of the strong, the iconic and the exciting.

Anita Kapoor
TV Host

Developed by JH